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Evike 2019

 Thank you for visiting my website.

I am a Wellington based artist and poet and the author of two books of my paintings and poems "Where Music Lives" and the Award winning "Laughter and Magic Shoes".

 I was born in Santiago, Chile, of Hungarian parents.  We immigrated to New Zealand when I was a child and this beautiful, welcoming country became our home. Although mainly self taught as an artist I received tuition in earlier years from my grandmother, a trained and gifted artist, craftsperson and poet in her own right, from her influence come my love of vibrant colour and design.

The human quest to find truth and meaning within the self and life is a key theme in my work, I also draw inspiration from the richness of my Hungarian heritage and the beauty of our adopted Country.

I studied for a degree in English Literature at Wellington's Victoria University following which I embarked on a career in the business world culminating in my appointment as Head of Human Resources for a major Corporate.  However my true passion for the creative arts could not be repressed for long and in 2006 I opened my own studio gallery.

I have exhibited my paintings regularly in various cities around New Zealand including galleries in Wellington and Auckland, in Europe and in my studio gallery.  My work is held in local and overseas collections and has appeared on book covers and in numerous publications.  

The Sharing of my work is a great source of joy for me.  There is something profoundly enriching and magical in that moment when one life touches another, when through a common vision, experience or understanding there is a resonance of hearts.

All my paintings and poems are born from love and it is with love that I pass them on.




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