ÉVA BORKA About me


I was born in Santiago, Chile, of Hungarian parents.  When I was a child my family immigrated to New Zealand and we later became NZ citizens.

Although mainly self taught as an artist I  received tuition in earlier years from my grandmother, a trained and highly gifted artist and craftsperson in her own right.  From this influence come my love of vibrant colour and diversity of themes that range from those inspired by my Hungarian heritage to those that explore "life's journey" in all its spiritual and physical aspects.

I studied for a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Victoria University of Wellington. On completion of my studies, realising how difficult it would be to earn a living from art alone, I decided on a business career. Over the years this career branched into the area of Human Resources and I eventually became Human Resources Manager for a major New Zealand Corporate.

Today my focus is on painting, writing poetry, and the continuing development of my Studio Gallery.

As an artist I have exhibited regularly in Wellington and Auckland galleries, occasionally in Europe and "at home" in the studio gallery.  My work is held in local and overseas collections and has appeared on book covers and in numerous publications.

I am the author of two books of paintings and poems, "Where Music Lives" and "Laughter and Magic Shoes" the latter will be available around August/September 2018.




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