Poems by Éva Borka

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                              Laughter and Magic Shoes

How you express yourself
is the laughter of
an adventurous heart
turning to face others
with courage.
No matter if you
receive a look
or a gust of breath
taken in
and held.

What matters is that
you sing your song
and walk your journey
in magic shoes.
And this world
is large enough
to hold all similarities
and differences equally.

Perhaps there
is a laughter that
ripples out
from the earth
to find you for her
And when you
and your adventurous heart
slip away to where
flowers dream
this laughter
will remain


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from night the day 400px 


 The Wisdom of Beginnings and Endings

The child looks into you
dark eyes wide and puzzled.
You look back
and fall through the looking glass
of yourself
and there she is,
Alice, and even the white rabbit,
still hurrying
like you do always
except with much more purpose.
And you remember someone
before this face and time
and for one moment you see
what the child sees.
That it is possible
to live both wisely
and with innocence,
growing up slowly
back towards the earth
or, jumping out suddenly
like a butterfly,
leaving your little life
willingly and neatly folded
and ready for tomorrow.


                              The Flame of Love

A flame went forth
from a very large flame
out into a world
where he had no name

so he just glistened.

A young girl
in a window seat
despairing of life,
a day she could not meet

saw him glisten.

Soldiers fighting
over an important thing
paused for a moment
to hear someone sing

and he glistened.

A man alone and cold
thinking about growing old
wondered how a barren tree
could produce fruit

and it glistened.

Finally one distant day
the little spark found his name
and LOVE came home
to a very large flame

and they glistened.

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