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Loneliness and Solitude

follows you around,
hides in dark corners,
a wild thing
always hungry.
You call it to you
in quiet times
and sing lullabies
but it never falls asleep.
So you cover up
the dark corners
with bold colours
and distractions
just in case
the hunger grows
too much.

waits patiently
for you to throw
the curtains open,
for you to kiss
the luminous fireflies
of your moments
and never beg "stay,"
for you to see yourself
when all the mirrors
have fallen.
when one day
you visit the
dark corners
and caress the soft fur
of the wild things,
so they may know love
and hide no more.






Sometimes I forget the magic of everything.
What it is to wake in the night
and trust in the first light of morning.
To find joy in the absence of things
and hear the music of silence.

What it is to hold a small bird
its heart beating with mine.
That it lived was miraculous to me
that I could hold it, even more so.

Tomorrow, will dawn's song
be one we have written together
now, in this brief moment?
And is there not perhaps always
a new song when one life
touches another?

I watched you fly into the green ferns
and the cup of my hands
remembered your body
like a gift.





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