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During these ongoing challenging and stressful times it is very natural to feel uncertain and anxious, conscious that despite all our advancements in science, medicine etc we are still at the mercy of invisible bugs with an uncanny almost intelligent ability to not only survive but threaten our survival.

These threats in one form or another have been with us a very long time, we may defeat one enemy but do we learn from the lessons inherent in each crisis? Do we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our interdependence and connection to each other and to our Mother Earth, do we revere this unique and precious opportunity that is life?

We live within the heart of magic - there it is, even in the seemingly simplest thing.... the grass that grows by itself, the seasons that follow each other with fantastic precision, the enchantment of a flower, trees reaching down into the dark ground their heads in the sky, birdsong, the eyes that meet yours with love and trust, the magic within the heart.

Among the many beautiful inspirations all around  there is that old friend, ancient muse and luminary the moon.  The painting and poem below were inspired by a spectacular moon on a still night and I send it to you in the hope of adding a little brightness to your day.

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Take great care and keep safe.
warmest wishes

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